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Also known as Cape Verde, the former Portuguese colony comprises 10 islands and five islets, all but three of which are mountainous.

Cape Verde’s notable economic growth and improvement in living conditions despite a lack of natural resources has garnered international recognition, with other countries and international organizations often providing development aid. Since 2007, the UN has classified it as a developing nation rather than a least developed country.

The economy is largely subsistence agriculture however efforts are severely hampered by the lack of water, whilst approximately 80% of the population are employed in agriculture it only accounts for around 12% of GDP.

The majority of crops grown is maize and beans. Bananas, sugar cane, sweet potatoes and cassava are also grown. However about 90% of food needs to be imported to the island. The main exported crops are bananas and coffee.

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Main Benefits of Obtaining Citizenship in Cape Verde through the Citizenship-by-Investment Program

  • Applicant and family may live, work, change jobs, move, within the country, study, and travel in and out of Cape Verde as they wish.
  • After just 5 years of permanent residence, the investor and family may apply for citizenship.
  • Cape Verde has been a stable representative democracy, and remains one of the most developed and democratic countries in Africa.

Main Requirements

Hold no criminal record.
There is no official citizenship by investment program in Cape Verde but the law allows granting citizenship without any residency requirement to persons who make a sizeable investment in Cape Verde.
Applicants have to be at least 18 years old
Family members (wife and children) can also get citizenship based on the same investment.

Investment Options

Investment in the Country

There is no real program offered by Cape Verde however 200,000 EUR is normally sufficient to be considered as sizable investment eligible for successful citizenship application.

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