Citizenship by InvestmentWhat is Citizenship by Investment?

Investment for immigration contributes to the economy of many countries in the world.

Since the foreign investment plays a huge role in stabilizing and improving the global economy as a whole, a lot of countries have made ways to bring wealthy foreign investors to find a way to contribute their economy. To do so, lots of nations offer considerable tax breaks or benefits to foreign investors.

Citizenship by Investment

Moreover, more and more countries have made immigration programs through investment to bring wealthy foreign investors with the country’s permanent residency or citizenship. Even though each investment program for immigration has differences, investment-based immigration programs can be divided into two groups: investor visas and entrepreneur visas.



The definition of investor visa is that you can get the visa of the country by investing required minimum amount of money to the country. According to the visa program for foreign investors that you’re applying for, you can decide where to spend the funds or the government of the country controls the investment. Some countries require you to prove that your investment creates new employment positions in the country before you get citizenship. Other countries would consider your investment as donations since you won’t receive anything but citizenship.

This allowed the workers to be involved in the job instead of feeling like they had been made redundant by technology.

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Many visa programs for foreign investors are related to developing real estate in some countries and ask you to decide a targeted area or specific piece of property that will benefit from your investment for immigration. Other countries spend the investment on the country’s school systems, a specific industry, or needed facility such as a stadium or concert hall. Most of visa programs for foreign investors do not demand you to manage or oversee the investment ardently.


Conversely, lots of entrepreneur visa programs ask you to handle and oversee the investment since the investment must be used to either grow the existing business in the country, or create a completely new commercial enterprise in the country. According to most of entrepreneur visa programs, you must invest a minimum amount of money to the country, but the amount of it is usually smaller than the amount of money that the people applying for visa programs through investment have to pay and it is used to establish and maintain the entrepreneur’s own business.


A common feature of both investor and entrepreneur visa programs is that you can bring your spouse and children to the new country. Furthermore, almost all of investment programs for immigration lead to permanent residence in the country. When you spent a certain number of years as a permanent resident in the country, you can apply for citizenship (through a legal process known as naturalization). You should be aware of that there are many countries offering a direct way to get citizenship, which doesn’t ask you to complete the naturalization process.


Every nation has different programs, so it’s highly recommended you to contact the attorneys who can explain the disadvantages and benefits of immigration program through investment and help you to decide which program is suitable for you.

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