Get permanent residence trough investmentThe Power of a Second Passport

get permanent residence trough investment
Permanent residence is the legal immigration status that a country bestows on a foreign national that typically guarantees the foreign national the unrestricted rights to live, study, work, conduct business, and travel in and out of that country.

Permanent residency is not exactly the same as citizenship. One of the most distinctive differences between them is that only citizens can hold the country’s passport and vote in the country’s elections.


There are ways you can obtain permanent residence in another country. If you marry a citizen or permanent resident of that country, you will be eligible to apply for permanent residence as a foreign spouse. Or, you can be qualified to apply for permanent residence as a foreign employee, if you receive an offer of permanent employment from one of the country’s businesses. Alternatively, if your native country is in a terrible situation, you can be qualified to apply for asylum in a separate country and for permanent residence.


You can also enjoy the benefits of having permanent residence with the invest programs, which many countries provide including the United States, Belize, Finland, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Thailand, and Belgium just to name a few.

Benefits of getting permanent residence

The investment program for getting permanent residence provides you numerous benefits. First of all, a foreign investor can bring his or her spouse and children to the country that the individual applied for permanent residence as family dependents. Second, a foreign investor can receive tax breaks such as exemption from income tax, property tax, gift tax, and inheritance tax from many countries.

This allowed the workers to be involved in the job instead of feeling like they had been made redundant by technology.

requirements to obtain permanent residence

The conditions and regulations for permanent residence through investment vary depending on the country that you’re applying for. Yet, the followings are common requirements in most of the investment programs.


  1. Demanded investment: To be qualified for the investment program for permanent residence, you must invest a certain amount of money that has set for minimum range or more. The cost of investment can vary from $100,000USD (for Dominica’s program) to $4,107,579USD or 3,000,000 Euros (for Cyprus’s program).


  1. Demonstration of lawful investment fund: Most of programs demand you to verify that the demanded investment you provide to the country is lawful source to the government’s immigration authorities like the national’s employment earnings, sale of real property, savings, mortgage, etc.


  1. Validation of the Foreign Investor’s Past Business or Entrepreneurial Experience: you are required to prove that you’re actively managing the investment to the nation and contributing the economy of the country. To be qualified for it, you must have a business background as a company executive or other demonstrable investment or entrepreneurial experience.

Disadvantages of having permanent residence

There are some disadvantages of holding permanent residence that you have to be aware of before applying for permanent residence through investment. You are required to reside in the country physically for a specific number of days of the year to maintain the permanent residency status in a lot of countries. It would be a hard condition for investors who often travel to oversee their investments in other nations.

In some countries, you’ll be demanded to meet the additional requirements (along with the physical residency condition) before you can apply for citizenship. For instance, if you are applying for permanent residence through investment in the United States, you’ll be asked to prove that your investment created at least 10 new jobs for U.S. citizens before you can apply for citizenship

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